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photo by Sami Abdelmalik
  • What is diviac?

  • cloud-based logbook app

    Diviac is a cloud-based scuba logbook (web app)

    Access on any device

    No downloading required, no updates to worry about, you always have the latest version at your fingertips.

    Traveling to a location with no connectivity? Don't want to incur data roaming charges? No problem, you can also access most functionalities in an off-line mode.

  • direct dive computer data upload

    Diviac loves dive computers*

    Connect, upload, enrich, done!

    Your dive computer captures lots of data about your dives… it would be a shame not to include that information in your logs, wouldn't it?

    We've therefore made sure that diviac is fully compatible with the most popular dive computers on the market. List of supported dive computers.

    * Premium feature

  • official dive logs

    Diviac makes your logs official

    Validate your buddy's logs digitally

    With diviac, you can have your logs validated by your dive buddy or instructor with the simple click of a button. Once your buddy or instructor has approved your dive log, a green tick mark appears next to it in your logbook, indicating it is official.

  • dive log sharing

    Diviac loves to share

    Save time by copying your buddy's log

    When your buddy validates your log, he can also copy it into his logbook at the same time. All the common information (date, location, dive site, etc.) is carried over, saving you the need to enter it again!

    Dive instructors can do even better; they can send a validated log directly to all their students who can copy it into their diviac logbook

  • fish-card

    Diviac is a marine database

    Become an amateur biologist

    It includes rich profiles of thousands of marine species for you to identify, to discover and to link to your dives.

    With a focus on making it simple, interesting and beautiful, we've designed a marine database especially for divers. Geo-specific species selection, top 10 lists, simplified scientific family trees and much more...

    View our marine life database

  • logbook views - timeline - table - map

    Diviac is an exhibition

    Enjoy your dive history the way you want

    It is the journal of your dive life and you can choose how, when and with whom to visit it.

    You like quick browsing through lists? Interactive pins on a map? Summary timelines? Or do you like to see the details of each log? With diviac, you don't have to choose, you have it all.

  • scuba logbook analytics

    Diviac is a reporting tool*

    Understand your scuba diving patterns

    It includes useful statistics, graphs and tools to help you track and analyze your dive history.

    Standard dashboards and reports are never enough for you? No worries, with the custom reporting tool, you can slice and dice your data until your arm goes numb. Ok...and if that's still not powerful enough, you can always export it as well.

    * Premium feature

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  • diviac is connected to social networks

    Diviac is connected to the big social networks

    Share your dives with the world

    Share your logs, share your photos and your videos. Once click and you can keep your friends and family informed (and probably jealous) of your latest dive adventures.

  • scuba diving community

    Diviac is a community just for scuba divers

    Connect and engage with other divers on diviac.

    Who wants to go diving this weekend? Look at the amazing video from my latest dive!

    Just connect with your friends in diviac and they will instantly see your posts appear in their Newsfeed.

    Don't want to miss the next events or special offers from your favorite dive operators? Easy, just follow them in diviac and their posts will also appear in your Newsfeed.

  • dive site monitor

    Diviac is a dive site monitor*

    Track your favorite dive site activities - live

    Simply "follow" your favorite dive sites in diviac and all activity related to them is then displayed in your homepage feed.

    For closer monitoring, you can even configure a personal dive site tracker page*, where the latest diving condition and dive logs relating to your local dive sites are displayed

    * Premium feature

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  • scuba diving search engine

    Diviac is the ultimate search engine for scuba divers

    Find all the information you need in one place

    Diviac is independent. We are not linked to any specific dive certification agency, which means that our database contains the dive operators from all agencies.

    With our customizable Top 10 lists, our super practical geographical search and our global exploration tool, you are equipped like never before to research your next dive trip or simply find your closest dive operator.

  • dive center reviews and ratings

    Diviac is the "tripadvisor" for scuba divers

    Make informed choices based on other diver reviews and ratings

    We have combined our global database of over 8000 dive operators with the data, reviews and ratings generated by all our divers to produce an amazing scuba trip planner.

    For each dive site and each dive operator, in addition to user reviews and ratings, diviac shows you the marine life that was sighted, as well as photos uploaded by other divers

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