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Scuba diving in Western Australia

Vast Western Australia has shorelines galore, beckoning scuba divers to explore these unique land and seascapes. Don’t let this lesser travelled region of Australia pass you by.
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Diving in Western Australia

Quick facts

One of the most fantastic diving areas in the world can be found in Western Australia. Ningaloo Reef is an out of this world coral reef. Here you can swim with mighty whale sharks, the largest fish on the planet.

A little ways out in the Indian Ocean, the Abrolhos Islands are home to wacky nudibranchs and plenty of shipwrecks. There are 122 islands to explore, all of which boasting their own collection of coral reefs.

Just off the coast of Perth, Rottnest Island has a great diversity of fish, and there are some pretty spectacular historic shipwrecks here, as well. There is a Marine Reserve in place to protect this fragile environment.

Down south, take a trip to Seal Cove, where you can interact with a fun loving group of seals. You can find this spot on Breaksea Island, near Albany.

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What to see

Western Australia is one of the top six areas in the world for marine biodiversity, and there is are many endemic species in this area. Endangered and rare creatures make their home, thriving in this under travelled part of the globe. You can see many species of reef fish, of course, as well as a thundering array of sharks. Look out for octopi, their camouflage making them nearly impossible to spot.

Squid and cuttlefish glide by, their colors changing drastically before you can even blink an eye.


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