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Scuba diving in Victoria

Home to lively Melbourne, Victoria is one of the most spectacular scuba diving spots in Australia. Islands lie just offshore, boasting waters that are teeming with marine life.
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Diving in Victoria

Quick facts

Surprisingly, some of the best dives in Victoria are manmade. There are an abundance of piers that jut out into the blue, creating a shady environment for creatures that crave shelter. Two of the very best dives are Flinders Pier, on Mornington Peninsula, and Rye Pier. Flinders will show you weedy seadragons and seals, as well as huge bull rays. Rye Pier is known for the Octopus’ Garden, well named, with seals and seahorses galore.

Head to some of the awesome shipwrecks in the area, giving Victoria’s shore the name of the Shipwreck Coast. Port Campbell boasts the excellent Lock Ard wreck, where you can see remnants of the life this boat once housed. Bottles and tiles lay scattered around the wreck. This is a great spot to pick up your wreck diving certification.

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What to see

A fantastic array of marine life, both great and small, can be encountered in the waters of Victoria. In stony shorelines you can find plenty of octopi, as well as eels and seahorses. Seals frequent these waters as well, curious and playful. On reefs, you can run across fantastic nudibranchs of a variety of colors.

One of the most oddly beautiful creatures of the deep is the weedy seadragons, excellently camouflaged.


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