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Scuba diving in United States of America (USA)

Take a trip to a couple of the many scuba diving destinations found in the United States. See shipwrecks off the eastern coast and towering kelp forests off the western shoreline.
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Diving in United States of America (USA)

Quick facts

Expansive and diverse, the United States offers scuba diving in both the Atlantic and Pacific, as well as freshwater diving throughout its wide-ranging interior.

One destination that is not to be missed is Hawaii, the United States’ tropical getaway. There are excellent dives on all of the islands, but some of the best are off of Lana’i, where cavern diving is particularly grand. While you are on the west coast, scuba through the massive kelp forests off the shore of California.

Once you head to the east coast, head to the Outer Banks off North Carolina. There are several stellar wreck dives worth exploring, especially the U-352, a WWII German U-boat. Also, the Florida Keys boast some of the very best reef diving in the world.

If you are interested in freshwater diving, there are spectacular lakes across the states to explore: Lake Michigan, with its hundreds of wrecks. Lake Ouachita, AR, where clean clear water and spearfishing makes for a great time. Mermet Springs, IL, where a massive 727 jet lies waiting in the depths.

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What to see

Marine life varies wildly depending on where you are within the United States. You can swim with manta rays and hammerheads in Hawaii, with dolphins and sea lions in California, and with tremendous sharks in the Florida Keys.

In freshwater locales you can expect largemouth bass, domineering wall-eye, and even catfish that are larger than you are!


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