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Scuba diving in United States Minor Outlying Islands

Way, way out in the Pacific you may stumble upon the United States Minor Outlying Islands, a virtually untouched haven for scuba divers, with the right credentials, that is!
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Diving in United States Minor Outlying Islands

Quick facts

Warm and tropical throughout the year, you can expect awesome visibility and healthy reefs. There is a downside, however, these islands are hugely inaccessible. Unless you are a member of the military or a scientist that just happens to get stationed here momentarily, the only way to make it out here is to own or charter a yacht or sailboat, taking the long trek through the rolling seas.

If you do make it here, there are plenty of things worth seeing. Around Baker Island there are some fascinating shipwrecks from WWII, and even an aircraft. The reefs, too, deserve plenty of careful inspection, as the creatures here have probably never seen a human before.

Just a heads up, it is HIGHLY recommended that you do not do any snorkeling or diving anywhere near Johnston Atoll because of its military association.

When to go

Rain and temperature

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What to see

A haven for wildlife, you can run across a bountiful display of reef fish, and even some sharks and rays. Monk seals come here to rear their young, so you might just get lucky enough to swim with these playful and curious creatures. Spring time is the best time of year to come across these beauties.

From August to April you will surely see a huge array of sea birds. Albatross, especially, come here in huge flocks to lay their eggs and raise their young.


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