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Scuba diving in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago beckon, islands boasting white sand beaches and turquoise waters. From the inland jungles to the warm seas, these islands are the place to be.
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Diving in Trinidad and Tobago

Quick facts

During your trip to Trinidad and Tobago you can dive in both the Atlantic and the Caribbean. On the Atlantic side, you can expect warm, nutrient rich waters, but runoff from the Orinoco River can often lead to lowered visibility and a unique green hue. The Caribbean is pretty and clear, and is less affected by fresh water overspill.

This region is known as the “drift diving capital of the Caribbean,” due to its profuse amount of drift diving locales. A favorite drift spot is the Japanese Gardens, where divers glide along a large coral reef and through a rocky crevice referred to as “Kamikaze Cut.”

Head to the Sisters, a great dive where you can explore five massive pinnacles, stretching up toward the surface. Large creatures call this area home, and you are bound to see a dolphin, whale, or shark during your journey. Sometimes, hammerhead sharks and manta rays will swarm here in droves.

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What to see

There are plenty of fascinating creatures to come across during a dive in Trinidad and Tobago. From fantastic hammerheads to fun loving dolphins, you are certain to be astounded on any dive you take. Looking closely at the vibrant reefs you can see eels of all shapes and sizes, and plenty of colorful fish. Parrotfish chomp away at the coral, as angel fish pensively wait in the shadows.

If you’re interested in fishing, as well as diving, don’t miss out on the snapper and kingfish. You can catch them here in abundance.


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