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Scuba diving in The Guadeloupe Islands

Gorgeous Guadeloupe offers much in the way of entertainment. There are untouched beaches and fantastic coral reefs where you can dive to your heart’s content.
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Diving in The Guadeloupe Islands

Quick facts

Jacques Cousteau himself claimed that Pigeon Island was one of the best diving spots in the world. The Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve is not to be missed.

Though there are plenty of sites for all experience levels, there are a couple of sites that are reserved for Advanced Open Water Divers. A particular favorite is La Grotte aux Baracudas, a gorgeous blue cave with plenty of huge barracudas.

You can find dive sites scattered around the island. You can get plenty of certifications, and mix up your excursions.

Bear in mind that French is the national language, and that finding an English speaking guide may prove a bit of a challenge. Once you’re underwater, however, all languages become the same, so no worries!

When to go

Rain and temperature

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USD 50Per dive
USD 65Per dive
USD 50Per dive

What to see

The wildlife within the crystalline waters around Guadeloupe is abundant. Dolphins and whales make their way around the shoreline, and watching and diving with them is a popular pastime.

There are plenty of eels and barracudas that make their way through the quieter caves. Shark sightings are fairly rare, so if you have any reservations you can set them aside during your dives on Guadeloupe.

Keep an eye open for sea turtles, which you can find during certain seasons.


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