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Scuba diving in Sweden

Long, vertical Sweden is a chilly country with an excellent array of scuba diving to take in. From the lakes to the icy seas, Sweden has got you covered.
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Diving in Sweden

Quick facts

Scuba diving in Sweden will undoubtedly surprise you with its incredibly variety and abundance of color. Don’t be scared off by the cold water: A dry suit is designed to keep you warm and dry.

Some of the very best dives can be accomplished off the coasts of Grebbestad and Väderöarna, where you can come across unreal biodiversity. There are fluorescent octopi and astonishing sea creatures unlike any others on the planet.

Diving in the fjords of Sweden will introduce you to a completely different ecosystem. There are even small islands to tool around while exploring the region.

Because the water is cold, the visibility is often not so great. Sometimes, this can be a blessing in and of itself. Lower visibility makes you have to look more closely, granting you unexpected delights where you least expect them.

When to go

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Where to dive

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What to see

With so much water everywhere, it’s no wonder that Sweden has a wide variety of marine life. The Atlantic holds such creatures as the deep-water dwelling anglerfish and hagfish. Massive schools of flickering herring are often seen, a massive food source for many creatures that reside within these seas.

The endangered Basking sharks filter feed plankton from the fertile waters, and is a fascinating creature to behold. Basking sharks hold the title of the largest fish in these cold northern waters.


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