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Scuba diving in Southeast Sulawesi

For those willing to journey off Indonesia’s beaten path, Southeast Sulawesi provides some of the most colorful diving in the world complete with many pristine and uncrowded dive sites.
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Diving in Southeast Sulawesi

Quick facts

Home to amazing reefs, rocks and walls, the dive sites in Southeast Sulawesi are the stuff of dreams. Here divers can swim with a huge number of species, from big to small and many endemics. All levels of divers are sure to enjoy diving in Southeast Sulawesi, but underwater photographers will capture some of their best-ever shots while diving in this pristine environment.

Wakatobi National Park and its four islands are Southeast Sulawesi’s premier diving location. This area has some of the highest rated dive sites in the world. Here divers will find 25 pristine coral reefs as well as pinnacles, ridges, ledges and overhangs. Every level of diver is sure to find a challenge in these Indonesian waters. Furthermore, Wakatobi is home to more than 900 species of fish, making these dives some of the most diverse in the world.

Besides Wakatobi National Park, there are a few up and coming areas closer to the southeast Sulawesi peninsula. Head to Pasarwajo for world class muck diving. Nearby Bau Bau now hosts its own dive center. In addition, Batuatu is a mid-sea site with an excellent wall for spotting pelagic species and a few fascinating caves and overhangs.

Divers can expect warm, equatorial weather year-round with waters ranging from 84-91°F (29-33°C) and crystal clear visibility. Keep in mind that visibility may be negatively affected by nearby mangroves. Diving is possible 365 days a year, but warmest water temperatures occur in October and the coolest air temperatures can be felt during July and August. Diving in Southeast Sulawesi is the opportunity of a lifetime for a dive trip you won’t soon forget.

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What to see

Marine life is plentiful in Southeast Sulawesi. Divers can expect to see colorful hard and soft corals, sponges, gorgonians and fans. These include a handful of endemic coral species.

Nearly a thousand species of colorful fish shimmer throughout the reefs, walls and wrecks. Reef sharks and schools of blacktail barracudas stalk their prey while bobtail squid, two species of pygmy seahorses and frogfish create odd spectacles. Eagle rays glide past in the blue and hawksbill turtles can be seen eating in the shallows. For the lucky few, a dugong may make an unexpected appearance near the entrances to mangroves.

Your dive logs are sure to reflect the beauty and wonder available in Southeast Sulawesi.


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