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Scuba diving in Society Islands

The Society Islands, a group of six unique dive locations that hide an astounding array of diving, from World War II wrecks to reef diving with the graceful giants of the ocean, the manta ray.
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Diving in Society Islands

Quick facts

The diving in the Society Islands is as close to paradise as it gets, turquoise lagoons with protected reefs and deep drop-offs are the ideal location for challenging dives as well as tranquil beginner diving.

Each island in the Society chain offers different options, Rangiroa’s atolls promise strong current streams that entice pelagic giants to pass in the fast moving waters. Anau lagoon on Bora Bora island is a lagoon dive with depths reaching 100ft (30m) where you can sit on the bottom allowing either solitary or groups of manta rays to pass above your head, these ocean giants come to this lagoon to be cleaned throughout the year. The islands are also a haven for wreck enthusiasts, Raiatea island is home to the three master Nordby wreck where at a depth of 87ft (25m) blacktip reef, jack fish and moray eels can be sighted.

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What to see

For many divers the prime attraction of the Society Islands is the 25ft (8m) manta rays that pass in the current, yet keep your eyes open in the blue water for species of shark, including great hammerhead and grey reef, jack fish, pacific wahoo and the occasional passing dolphin.

The coral reef is the heart of the ecosystem and resident species include clown fish and the stunning napoleon fish, a favourite among divers due to its ability to change colour to avoid predators.

The Society’s are home to over 800 species of fish, and for that reason it is a location where divers keep coming back, attempting to see more and more on their species bucket list.


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