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Scuba diving in Singapore

Get some certifications in Singapore, an island country to the south of Malaysia. Affordable diving packages makes Singapore an attractive investment.
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Diving in Singapore

Quick facts

If you want to dive on a budget, Singapore is your best bet. Getting a certification here is an excellent deal, and is highly recommended. It is worth noting, however, that visibility can be rather poor off the coasts of Singapore. Because of the incredible amount of boat traffic and commercial fishing that occur offshore, the water is constantly churned. In some areas, visibility is only around 2 meters of visibility at its best. Many people opt to travel to Malaysia, where diving is first class.

Regardless, there are some gems hidden throughout Singapore that are definitely worth the trip. Local dive shops offer tours to nearby sites. Manta rays are often sighted, on these treks, sometimes in large groups. Sand tiger sharks also cruise along the sandy bottoms, and getting up close to one of these terrific creatures is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

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USD 37Per dive
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What to see

Besides the large sand sharks and manta rays that are sighted during a dive, there are an abundance of other creatures touring through these rich waters. Barracuda and parrotfish idle in the deep, as well as a variety of sharks.

Look closely at the rocks, there are often brightly colored nudibranchs clinging to the rocks and coral. These fascinating creatures are unique and fascinating to behold.


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