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Scuba diving in Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh has is all. Over 30 superb local dive sites plus many liveaboard options. There’s nonstop action, beautiful beaches, great shopping, nightlife and dining plus a range of beach holiday style activities too.
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Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh

Quick facts

Sharm el-Sheikh is home to some great local diving as well as being your gateway to many liveaboard boat and itinerary options.  Wrecks, walls and reefs, it’s all here. Some of the sites do experience strong current, making them unsuitable for beginners, but a rich swirling dive of colour and life for those a little more advanced.  Liveaboard operators often require anywhere between 30-50 logged dives as a prerequisite to join trips.

Sharm el-Sheikh boasts around 30 different sites to explore on day trips alone. Boats are large, comfortable and purpose built for diving. Ras Mohamed National Park offers a number of exciting sites for those taking daily dive trips. Most dives here are drift dives. Day trips leave to the SS Thistlegorm, the Straits of Titan, the SS Dunraven and Dahab too.  Shore dives and speedboat diving options are available for those that prefer.

When to go

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What to see

Clouds of orange and purple anthias obscure your view of the reef. The reefs are so alive with colour it can be difficult to identify individuals but do keep an eye out for some of the areas endemics. Grey reef sharks, tuna and barracuda hunt. Expect turtles and humphead wrasse, a variety of morays. Whale sharks, although not seen in high numbers, do cruise in for a visit. Jackfish and batfish shimmer in the blue and grouper and puffer fish roam the reef.


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