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Scuba diving in Saint Thomas

Pretty palms sway idly on Saint Thomas, where tropical reefs lie beneath crystal clear waters. See vibrant fish and unique creatures on a dive on this luscious Caribbean isle.
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Diving in Saint Thomas

Quick facts

Water as clear as gin filled with wild, colorful creatures runs as far as you can see on St. Thomas. There are plenty of dive shops dotting the shoreline.

Do some Nitrox diving, or get some higher level certifications on the island. There is an abundance of places to learn a new skill or two.

Awesome wreck diving abounds. The WIT Shoal II and the Miss Opportunity are popular wreck dives to engage in. There are tons of Navy Barges that have sunk of shore, and large and small ships to take in.

For reef diving, head to Sprat Point and Gunsight. You will probably come across a turtle or two, as well as tons of rays and reef fish.

Saint Thomas’s clear water also makes a great place to go on your first dive, whether you are young or old. Do a Discover Scuba course for a comfortable intro to the sport.

When to go

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What to see

You can see hawksbill and green turtles moving through shallow sea grass beds, and an unreal amount of tropical fish. Stingrays throng in sandy spots, so watch your step! You can even see sharks, here, especially those of the reef variety.

Look into deep crevices for cranky lobsters and eels. You may even get lucky and spot an octopus, camouflaging into the rock.


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