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Scuba diving in Saint John

With blindingly white beaches and abundant sunshine, Saint John is calling your name. Scuba dive with turtles and traipse through jungles in this tropical wonderland.
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Diving in Saint John

Quick facts

Many dive sites on Saint John are shared with its close neighbor Saint Thomas. However, there are some sites that are specific to the island.

During calm seas, Eagle Shoals is an unforgettable spot. There is a spellbinding cave known as the Cathedral, where bright sponges encrust the walls. You will see bizarre cavern dwelling species of many variations.

For a one of a kind experience, check out Tektite, the site of a truly novel experiment. In 1959, four aquanauts were placed inside a sealed chamber for two months so that NASA could record the results of their physical and psychological changes. Fascinating!

Do some unreal dives at the Virgin Islands National Park, which is a highly protected area. There are special regulations that apply, so do some homework before heading out, and be sure not to disturb the natural wonders within.

When to go

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USD 115Per dive
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What to see

Plenty of turtles and sting rays hang out in shallower water, giving you plenty to see while snorkeling or on a shore dive. You may even see a passing whale or pod of dolphins, if your timing is just right.

On the reef, watch out for lionfish, an intruder from the Indo Pacific. Highly poisonous, you can look, but don’t touch!


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