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Scuba diving in Saint Helena

An island away from it all, Saint Helena offers visitors a wonderful array of dives. Widely regarded as the most remote island in the world, be one of the few to explore these depths.
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Diving in Saint Helena

Quick facts

You can expect warm, mild temperatures throughout the year, as well as exceptional visibility. Rain, however, makes quite an appearance in June and July, so it’s best to avoid diving during this time because of the runoff from the mainland.

The most famous dives on Saint Helena are the two wrecks found off the mainland. Papanui, the wreck of a coal ship, is located in shallow water. Dark Dale was sunk during WWII, and you have an excellent shot of running across large pelagics like tuna and grouper. Sometimes, whale sharks even make an appearance, an unbelievable bonus.

Around Saint Helena there are plenty of small islands to see. Thompson’s Valley Island has spellbinding volcanic caves, carved thousands of years ago. Strange creatures reside in the caves, making for some interesting sightings.

When to go

Rain and temperature

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What to see

Expect to see rare and bizarre marine life, in addition to your favorites. Manta rays often school here, sometimes in vast numbers. Whale sharks are also a common sight, relaxing in the warm waters. Certain fish, ten species, in fact, are found only in the waters around Saint Helena. Keep an eye out for these special denizens of the deep.


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