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Scuba diving in Saint Croix

Sun soaked Saint Croix, with its white sand beaches and rich culture is a dreamy destination for scuba divers. Settled amongst the Virgin Islands, there is nowhere better to kick back and relax.
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Diving in Saint Croix

Quick facts

Awesome walls and reefs await you in Saint Croix, and shore diving is available on certain parts of the island. A favorite the Salt River Canyon walls, where you can see sponges, gorgonians, and corals, all frequented by marine life.

The wrecks of Butler Bay are a draw for wreck divers. There are both deep and shallow sites to be found in the bay, and a variety of ships to see. Tugboats and huge oil barges can be found in these clear waters.

Unexpected Frederiksted Pier is one of the best places to dive on St. Croix. Everything from sea horses to octopi are found near the pier. You will be surprised again and again by the abundance of marine life, with new creatures around every corner.

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What to see

From tiny seahorses hiding out in the sea grass to pods of dolphins making waves in the deep, there are tons of dive sites to explore on Saint Croix. You can see snappers and colorful reef fish carousing near coral heads, and vibrant parrotfish crunching away on the coral. Bright blue tang frequent the sites, as well as many other fantastic creatures. Look in crevices for spiny lobster, as much of a treat to watch as they are to eat.

Three species of sea turtle (hawksbill, leatherback, and green) nest on the island, so check and see if the young ones are hatching for the show of a lifetime.


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