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Scuba diving in Russia

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Diving in Russia

Quick facts

  • To undertake ice diving, you must be in possession of an Ice Diver Certificate from any international underwater federation.
  • The best time for ice diving is from February to April.
  • You'll have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights during winter. At latitudes where auroras are common, it is typically light all night in the summer, so you rarely have warm weather and a good aurora. Furthermore, in most polar regions, the weather tends to be clear during the middle of winter, so often the best time to see an aurora is also the coldest. (So, if this interests you, you might like to give the diving a miss!)

When to go

Rain and temperature

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Water temperature

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Where to dive

USD 25Per night
Pricing on request
Pricing on request
Pricing on request

What to see

Russian + various minority languages
GMT +2 to +11
In winter, its absolutely freezing in the north (Siberia) to cool on the Black Sea. In summer the climate in the north is cool and on the Black Sea the summer is humid continental.
Diving season:
Year round - including ice diving
Water temperature:
Winter 2C (35F)
Summer 23C (73F)
Air temperature:
Winter -10C (14F)
Summer 30c (86F)


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