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Scuba diving in Playa Girón & Playa Larga

The beautiful beaches of Playa Girón and Playa Larga are famous destinations with lovely hidden scuba diving sites; cenotes, reefs, caverns, and more.
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Diving in Playa Girón & Playa Larga

Quick facts

Playa Girón has an abundance of dives to check out from caverns to cenotes to coral reefs. The most famous dive is Punta Perdiz, a tantalizing reef where plenty of fish congregate. There are two main sites here, and both have equally incredible views.

The cenote on the island gives divers the unique opportunity to see cavern wildlife and awesome formations. There is a blurry, ethereal line that blurs between the fresh and salt water. When you cross through, you feel you have entered a new world.

Check out larger marine life on a deeper dive. Head to El Jaruco for a deep wreck dive. Nurse sharks hang out on the sea floor, and reef fish meander through the coral.

Because of its proximity to the reef, most of the dives on Playa Girón can be done from the shore, making it even easier to get in the dives you crave.

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What to see

You can see fascinating creatures like saw fish during dives in Playa Girón and Playa Larga. In the caves and cenotes, odd red shrimp hide out, and massive corals and sponges adorn the reefs. All varieties of reef fish flit about, from mackerels to barracudas.

Farther out, you will run across larger fish and mammals. Dolphins are especially common.


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