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Scuba diving in Peloponnese

Steeped in antiquity, the Peloponnese Peninsula showcases some of the most memorable Mediterranean dives, with unforgettable shipwrecks and copious marine life.
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Diving in Peloponnese

Quick facts

Loutraki is one of the highest recommended regions in the Peloponnese peninsula for diving, offering splendid variety. The Andros Wreck is one of the most famous wrecks in the country because of its easy access and shallow depth, allowing plenty of light to filter down. Bring your camera, you are definitely going to want to grab a shot of this beauty.

Check out the impressive rock formations and canyons at the Blue Canyon site. For reef diving, go to Atlas Reef, which you can reach from the shore.

Pilos is another great spot, found down on the southwestern corner of the peninsula. The relaxed atmosphere is catching, and you’re bound to want to stay a day or two longer than originally planned.

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What to see

Expect to see creatures of all sizes during your trip to the Peloponnese peninsula. Sponges and coral make a stunning, living backdrop for the hundreds of fish that make their way amongst the colorful formations. Eels can be spotted, watching you from their cavernous homes, and octopi cling in their crevices.

Out in deep water huge grouper are common as well as schools of quick, flickering tuna.


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