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Scuba diving in Paphos

Graced with a Mediterranean shoreline is lovely Paphos, a Cypriot city where you can take in rich history, mild weather, and incredibly diverse scuba diving.
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Diving in Paphos

Quick facts

There are several dive shops in Paphos, one of which has been around for over 30 years. If that’s not a reliable and consistent establishment, I don’t know what is. The well versed shops will take you out to some of the most fascinating dives in Cyprus.

Not far from the harbor is the Orphurus, a spellbinding series of overhangs and small caverns, showing off the vibrant corals and sponges of the region. For a more serious cave dive head to Manijin Island, just offshore. You go on a two tank dive, here, exploring the complex network of sea caves and drop-offs. There is even a blowhole that gives an applause worth performance.

There are several wrecks to see, as well, though some of the best wrecks can be encountered on the other side of Cyprus.

When to go

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What to see

Expect to be greeted by plenty of marine creatures. Trumpet fish and eels can be discovered in the rocky reefs, and grouper patrol deep water, their lips in an ever constant pout.

In caves you are certain to see a whole new slew of marine life. Besides the shy fish that live in the caverns, you can see bizarre purple and pink algae that thrive in this largely sunless environment.


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