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Scuba diving in Panama

Two marine environments form the flanks of Panama and entice divers in search of both pirate treasures and those of sea life.
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Diving in Panama

Quick facts

If any of your conversations with fellow divers begin with “I’ve always wanted to…,” then chances are you should visit Panama. With one of the most biodiverse ranges in the world, Panama may have every type of environment on offer to suit virtually every diver. You can dive in two different oceans in one day and see two completely different underwater marvels in the colder water of the Atlantic to the warm Caribbean tropical temperatures. Humpback whale, reef sharks and possibly orcas are frequently mentioned in the dive logs of the Coiba Marine Park and peak periods for these sightings are in the months of August and September.

In the gulf lie the Pearl Islands, in fact, there are more than 100 of them to explore. There are outcrops of coral littered around the site and the sheltered waters attract a rainbow of butterfly and angelfish and the reef sharks and rays that follow suit. Another popular archipelago is that of ‘Bocas del Toro’ or ‘Mouths of the Bull’ which are undulating reefs of coral and sponges that take island-hopping to mean something very different to the land based activity.

In the region of Portobelo National Park, you will need a few days to uncover what the pirates left behind in the sands under the surface. Relics and artifacts are scattered amongst gorgeous coral formations and damselfish. It is a common occurrence to stop and marvel at the schools of turtles that pass by in the protected reserve.

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What to see

In a relatively untouched environment, the marine life of Panama exists happily without the fear of being hunted by humans. Those include on the one coast humpback whales, black and white tip reef sharks, dolphins and killer whales. In the warmer Caribbean ocean, the sea turtles flood the beaches in the nesting season and in September to October is the time that sightings are guaranteed.

Said to have some of the most varieties of coral in the world, the fish life in Panama are well-catered for on the warmer side of the isthmus. The micro life is strange and fascinating for those willing to get inches away from the reef but look out for lobster tentacles in amongst the shadows when you get that close. Parrot, angel and butterfly fish of every shape and color cloud the exceptionally preserved marine environments.


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