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Scuba diving in Oman

Located on the peninsula of the Arabian Sea, Oman is much more than a dry desert country. Warm waters, stunning macro life and a mecca for an entire spectrum of divers, that is the way Omani diving can be described.
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Diving in Oman

Quick facts

Oman offers simple and calm diving that is perfect for beginners. Oman’s dive operations are a working progress, with a rapidly expanding dive industry Oman is not yet a mecca for tech divers but a destination that offers a relaxing holiday where you can dive in the morning and visit the desert Wadi in the afternoon.

The waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea are a constant comfortable temperature for divers, and only a 3mm full wetsuit is needed. Through October to February, the ideal months for both diving and land excursions, the water temperatures reach 83F (28C). The winter months are an ideal time to visit Oman due to the improved visibility and more varied marine life. The average visibility on dives hovers around the 50ft (15m) mark, however with favourable upwelling and currents the visibility can exceed 85 ft (25m). Although the visibility does not seem vast to some, the reason for the visibility is nutrient blooms that attract shoals of fish.

A perennial favourite for divers are the Daymaniyat Islands, 62 miles (100km) north-west of Muscat. The Daymaniyat Islands offer the best of Omani diving. The islands are closed from May to October each year allowing the marine species to flourish, however from November to February each year the waters are teeming with life from miniscule nudibranchs of all colours to the occasional whale shark. The islands are a nesting ground for turtles from March till June, so sightings of endangered hawksbills are a common occurrence.

Although the dives around Oman do not usually exceed 100ft (30m), there are sites that offer the more advanced divers chances to explore swim through, caves and the occasional deep wreck.

When to go

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What to see

Although Oman does not offer vast pelagic life or ripping current, you can often encounter huge schools of fish and colourful and healthy reefs. Due to the Sultans progressive green policies, the fish life is improving annually.

On particular dive locations around Oman you have the opportunity to encounter whitetip reef sharks, green and hawksbill turtles and even spinner and bottlenose dolphins.

The reefs off the Omani coast can contend with the reefs of Egypt, with beds of vibrant table and bush coral. Although the visibility is not as clean as the Red Sea, the sheer amount of mackerel fish that school in the thousands is stunning.


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