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Scuba diving in Northern Mariana Islands

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Diving in Northern Mariana Islands

Quick facts

  • Saipan is one of the fastest growing tourist resorts in Micronesia with a huge amount of development in the past few years so if you want a more peaceful holiday, and see a more traditional side of the Mariana Islands, the smaller and less commercial islands of Tinian or Rota might be more suitable. All the islands have exceptional diving.
  • According to The Guinness Book of Records, Saipan has the world's most equable temperature, averaging 27°C (81°F) year-round. Humidity is always high but the even temperature and fresh sea breezes means conditions are never too stuffy. The rainy season is from July to October, when rainfall averages about 300mm (12in) a month and typhoons wreak havoc; from December to May the monthly rainfall average is only around 100mm (4in).
  • Bring new batteries for your torch, digital camera, dive computer etc as these kinds of batteries are difficult to find.

When to go

Rain and temperature

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Water temperature

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USD 45Per night
Pricing on request
Pricing on request
Pricing on request

What to see

English, Chamarro, Carolinian
US $
GMT +10
Natural hazards:
Typhoons, August to September
Diving season:
Year round
Water temperature:
Air temperature:
22C - 29C


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