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Scuba diving in North-West of South Africa

While South Africa may be surrounded by oceans, some of its most exciting diving occurs inland. In the North-West Province, training opportunities abound in sink holes, lakes and former mines.
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Diving in North-West of South Africa

Quick facts

While most people come to South Africa to dive in oceans and with terrific sharks, some of the best technical diving occurs further inland, in the North-West Province. Here divers have their pick of three dive sites, all uniquely challenging.

First, Miracle Waters is a former open-cast chrome mine located just outside of Brits. At 4920 feet (1500 meters) above sea level, the clear spring water that has filled the mine is popular with divers of all levels because of the training opportunities it presents. In addition to being an altitude dive, the area offers the chance to become certified in a non-stressful environment. It also has advanced and technical elements for those wishing to further their education. Don’t expect to be bored in the water. There are several navigable items scattered throughout the site, including a bus, helicopter, airplane and computer station.

Marico Oog, a scenic, spring-filled watering hole near Zeerust/Lichtenburg, is a favorite among local divers. The 52-foot (16-meter) deep site offers crystal clear water and abundant plant life, such as the stems of water lilies that create an underwater maze. This site is particularly useful as a night diving training area. However, good buoyancy control is imperative. If the bottom layer of silt is turned up, visibility can plummet to less than 3 feet (1 meter). If you plan to dive in Marico Oog, you must bring your own gear with you as there is no diving facility in the area.

Finally, Wondergat is a natural dolomite sinkhole that is reserved for advanced and technical divers only. The altitude dive drops to 230 feet (70 meters) and includes several caves. As an added bonus, the sinkhole is home to interesting rock formations called stramatalites which take the form of wagonwheel-like formations. Diving services are available in the area, but be warned, the site requires a hike up and down 35 irregular steps carrying a full kit.

Scuba diving in the North-West province of South Africa is possible year-round. However, expect cooler temperatures during the winter season (June-August). Water temperatures can range from 77 to 84°F (25 to 29°C). If you want to advance to a new level in your scuba diving adventure or are looking for something a little different during a dive trip to South Africa, the unique dive sites of the North-West territory are your answer.

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What to see

When diving in the North-West Province, don’t expect coral reefs and tropical fish. This is inland, fresh water diving. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting. In addition to verdant underwater scenes and caves filled with stramatalites, you will be amazed by the variety of fish. Barbell, southern mouthbrooder, sharp tooth catfish, shrimps, crabs, black bass and kruper are all common. In addition, Wondergat hosts its own endemic species, the banded tilapia and at Marico Oog, you might find fresh water eels. These species and more are sure to add some unique entries into the wildlife section of your log books.


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