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Scuba diving in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island where life is as sweet as the sugar cane fields and the water is warm teeming with tropical fish and larger predators on exquisite coral reefs.
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Diving in Mauritius

Quick facts

Diving in Mauritius features almost exclusively reefs as the island is virtually surrounded by coral and over 100 sites to select from. The depths range from 23 feet (7 meters) to depths of up to 147 Feet (45 meters) for those who hold the necessary qualifications. The water temperature is bath-like most of the year round but due to the trade winds, the best time of year to dive is between November and May.

On the Southern coastline, the Blue Bay Marine Park offers divers staghorn and cabbage corals and a host of damsel, butterfly and angelfish that swarm the reef. If you are in search of that heart-stopping moment that only the bigger species can provide, then the drift dive off the Pass St. Jacques is where bull shark, barracuda and grey and whitetip reef sharks are often spotted.

The intricate and mysterious spaces inside the many artificial wrecks are another of the islands great diving attractions. The Le Sirius, Tug 11 or the Djabeda are spread out around the island’s shorelines and house lion fish, eels and rays.

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What to see

On the list of ‘what to see in Mauritius’ is an extensive list of treasures of the sea. Vast coral beds extend almost all the way around the island and form part of the intricate ecosystem between turtles (5 different species), shrimp, octopus, sea grass gardens and a range of shellfish in amongst the schools of tropical fish species. Bull, white tip and grey tip reef sharks and barracuda are amongst the larger game species that feed on the buffet of smaller fish and take care to avoid the lionfish.


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