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Scuba diving in Marquesas Islands

Swaying palms stud the crystal blue seaside on the Marquesas Islands, a quiet getaway out in French Polynesia, tropical islands that defy description.
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Diving in Marquesas Islands

Quick facts

Exceedingly nutrient rich, the waters around the Marquesas may not have the best visibility in the world, but they are certainly some of the most species rich. You can see manta rays feeding on the plankton that measure more than 15 feet (4.5 meters) across.

Some of the best dive sites to be found are around Nuku Hiva. During dives here you can swim with hammerheads, pygmy orcas, and manta rays. The marine life here is beyond belief. There are also huge caves to explore. Go to Dulcinea and Ekamako for the most enthralling cavern diving around.

Peeking your head out of the water you can look back on the islands, verdant with flowing waterfalls. This land is like a dream. Many of the islands are completely untouched, and the waters surrounding them beg for exploration.

When to go

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USD 4,300Per trip

What to see

The waters here are as rich as the land above, and creatures of all shapes and sizes come to the party. You are almost certain to see manta rays and hammerheads, immense, sometimes in massive schools. Pygmy orcas are also a draw, hanging out near the surface, seemingly begging you to come play.

Crabs hang out on the bottom, and colorful eels writhe in the shadows. If you get lucky, there’s a chance you can see different types of sharks on a dive: blacktip, silvertip, and gray reef sharks, especially.

You can also expect a fantastic array of parrotfish, triggerfish, and snappers of all varieties.


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