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Scuba diving in La Habana

From the cobblestone streets to the rippling sea, La Habana is a lovely city that offers scuba divers plenty of opportunities to discover fascinating dive sites with tremendous history.
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Diving in La Habana

Quick facts

La Habana usually attracts visitors who are craving a taste of the combination of city and beach life, but the scuba diving here is surprisingly underappreciated. If you have a little time, there are some excellent sites that are well worth exploring.

Some of the most excellent sites are wreck dives. There is an abundance of advanced wrecks to see, a favorite being Coral Island, an old merchant ship that is completely encrusted in marine life. The Sanches Barcastegui is a stellar spot to find larger sea life, especially big game fish.

Popular, and with good reason, the Boca de Caldera is a gorgeous coral garden, shallow and clear. There are plenty of caverns to stick your head into, where you can find octopi and tiny reef fish.

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What to see

In addition to the many colorful fish that frequent the reefs, you can run across large fish like tarpons and huge groupers. Wild sponges and corals are the norm, busied with activity. Massive brain and elkhorn corals with surprise you, as well as the terrific gorgonians, which house interesting creatures.

Because there is very little pollution affecting these waters, the reefs are healthy and vibrant.


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