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Scuba diving in Krabi

Krabi offers a choice of beaches from which you can base yourself to access some great diving. Limestone cliffs dominate the area providing picturesque scenery and great rock climbing.
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Diving in Krabi

Quick facts

Scuba diving is easiest to arrange from Ao Nang or Railay Beach but not impossible from other places. As with many other destinations in this area, you can get to the popular sites of the King Cruiser Wreck, Anemone Reef and Shark Point from Krabi. Expect over an hour journey to get to those sites and even longer to visit Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. These further afield sites are on the whole more advanced sites that can experience current.

Local dive sites are much closer and more often suited to entry level divers but can also be subject to some current too. Some sites are so near that you’ll reach them in a traditional longtail boat. These boats are simple wooden boats like large rowing boats. An engine is attached to a long pole that has a propeller at its end; this odd looking type of propulsion is where it gets its name.

Dive sites dot around the handful of islands that lie just off the coast. Much like elsewhere in Thailand boulders of various sizes form the building blocks to which the reef clings. Krabi has some interesting swim throughs to test your trim in. Koh Talu has two such instances that are shallow and great fun, but Koh Yawabon has the longest swim through. This one goes beyond the light zone and is only suitable for those with the appropriate training and experience.

When to go

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What to see

Krabi offers some great underwater vistas made up of both hard and soft coral. Bamboo, leopard and blacktip reef sharks can be seen. Barracuda school here and also are known, along with grouper, to guard the entrances to swim-throughs. Colourful reef fish go about their business, fusiliers swarm, and you are likely to see lobster crammed into holes too. Macro geeks will love seahorses, ghost pipefish, nudibranch, shrimp and wart slugs.


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