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Scuba diving in Kornati

The uninhabited islands of Kornati offer some of the best diving in the Adriatic Sea. Explore a diverse range of habitats, from tunnels to reefs, for an unforgettable Croatian dive holiday.
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Diving in Kornati

Quick facts

Diving within the Kornati National Park is an unforgettable experience. The geography of the underwater environment combined with abundant marine life make for exciting and unique dive sites. Unfortunately, diving in the Kornati National Park means adhering to strict guidelines set out by the Croatian government. A handful of dive operators are allowed within the park, most of which are located in Murter. In addition, all the dive sites of the Kornati Islands are only accessible by boat.

The underwater topography in the Kornati archipelago is as varied under the surface as it is above. Divers will delight in the caves, tunnels, crevices, sheer walls, cliffs and reefs. The boulders are covered in colorful soft corals and red gorgonians while plentiful small to medium marine life creates fascinating diversions. Because of its history and position, there are also a number of wrecks to explore surrounding the islands. Of these, the Francesca Wreck is the most popular as it is currently covered in soft corals but still very much recognizable for its former glory. As an added benefit to the adventurers among us, much of Kornati’s underwater environment has yet to be explored. It is known that there are shipwrecks hidden in the depths but dive masters are still searching for these potential new dive sites.

Diving in Croatia is possible year-round. However, it does get significantly chillier during the winter months. Average water temperatures in winter are 57 to 59°F (14 to 15°C) while in summer, water temperatures reach about 73°F (22.8°C). With that said, summer is the high season, so expect dive shops to be busier during this time. Whatever your level, you are sure to find a great dive site to explore during your trip to the Kornati Islands.

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What to see

The marine life in the Kornati Islands is as diverse as you will find in the Adriatic Sea. While there is a chance of seeing pelagic species, you are far more likely to find an abundance of medium to small life. Crabs, lobsters, starfish, sea urchins and colorful nudibranchs are all common. Wrasse, bennies and colorful fish swim among the gorgeous red gorgonians, sponges, tunicates and corals. You might also catch a glimpse of one of the many, but shy, octopuses and scorpionfish that live among the rock crevices. After a dive in the Kornati Islands, you are sure to look back at your log book and wonder why you didn't explore the underwater Adriatic sooner.


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