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Scuba diving in Korčula

Dive the calm and clear waters of the Adriatic Sea from Korčula and be pleasantly surprised by some beautiful caves and interesting wrecks.
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Diving in Korčula

Quick facts

Off Korčula are the calm and mostly gentle currents of the Adriatic Sea. Dive operators are mostly located at the south and the west of the island at quaint little towns like Vela Luka. Diving season is usually from May to November when the sea temperature is warmer, averaging at about 75˚F (24˚C) in the summer and sometimes dipping below 68˚F (20˚C) in the autumn.

There are about 35 different dive sites off the coast of Korčula consisting of walls, overhangs, caves and also shipwrecks. There are also shallow sites with sea grass which is a great place to look for seahorses. Most of the dive sites are near to the coast and easily accessible by a short boat ride. Visibility is usually outstanding here, stretching beyond 100ft (30m).

Some shipwrecks to check out include the Boca and the Garda. Both are covered in marine growth and easily accessible even for new divers. For those with a penchant for cave exploring, head to Blue Hole and Big Cave, both large and beautiful caves. Many of the walls around the area are colorful, covered in sponges and sea fans with plenty of marine life to see.

When to go

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What to see

Along the walls, find colorful damselfish, wrasse, groupers and rockfish. A closer inspection might reveal blennies, moray eels and also scorpionfish. Schooling fish that frequent the dive sites are usually sea bream and sometimes a school of silversides. At this time you are likely to see some hunting trevally. Critters to find include small crustaceans, lobsters, nudibranch and seahorses around the sea grass beds.


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