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Scuba diving in Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a popular island destination for all levels and disciplines of scuba diving training. With suitable conditions for beginners and children and plenty to do topside it’s a good all round choice.
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Diving in Koh Tao

Quick facts

Koh Tao has a little over 20 dive sites to explore. These lie around the island and are accessible by boat only. The furthest flung is around 45mins cruise out. Most dive centres operate a two dive trip in the morning and afternoon meaning that your whole day isn’t taken up making two dives. The majority of dive boats are converted fishing boats with at least a small sundeck or place to relax. There’s a great range of sites; calm shallow bays, coral gardens, limestone formations, artificial reefs, reef nursery’s and a couple of wrecks too. Diving is year around as there is always somewhere sheltered to hide from the wind. The monsoon hits around November time, and seas get choppy and visibility drops.

Calm, bright waters are the norm and provide stable conditions for first timers in the water or anyone wanting to learn a new skill. The concentration of dive schools and experienced and specialized trainers have created a college campus like environment just for scuba. It’s also one of the cheapest places in the world to take any course. For something different you can even night dive under UV light here.

Koh Tao has a large amount of divers and damage from the recent coral bleaching events is evident. That said it still offers some lovely diving but is better suited to those newer to diving. The majority of the reefs are coral gardens that have grown around the huge boulders that typify the area. The coral here is almost exclusively hard, providing a textured backdrop for the many colourful reef fish and anemones.

When to go

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What to see

Whale sharks do cruise into the deeper pinnacles of Chumphon and Southwest. While you can be lucky at any time of the year, there are more sightings in April and May. The reefs inhabitants include many colourful reef fish, some interesting macro critters and nudibranch, morays and bluespotted ribbontailed rays. Turtles are seen on Koh Taos reefs but not in the numbers its name might suggest. Koh Tao triggerfish are legendary for their antics, so keep your eyes open and your wits about you. Over the years, the barracuda have learnt to hunt using divers’ torch beams as assistance so night dives can be very exciting.


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