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Scuba diving in Koh Phi Phi

In a land of beautiful scenery, Koh Phi Phi radiates at the top of the pile. Explore glistening waters rich with life and wonder at the magnificent limestone formations.
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Diving in Koh Phi Phi

Quick facts

Koh Phi Phi is as fabulous below the ocean’s surface as it is above it. The stunning rock formations continue underwater allowing for some great diving, interesting wall and sloping coral gardens with plenty of nooks and crevices in which critters can hide. The King Cruiser Wreck lies not too far away, for the advanced only, this wreck thrives and pulsates with life and will delight non-metal-heads just as much.  

Koh Phi Phis diving is almost exclusively by boat. It has some great local diving and some fabulous sites a little further away too. The conditions locally are suitable for entry level and those newly certified. The further flung sites are for the more advanced diver, they are deeper and can experience some current.

Local dives take place from larger dive boats, leaving around 9 am and returning around 3 pm. These trips include lunch and a long relaxing break in one to the beautiful bays. The further afield sites like Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are usually by speedboat, make sure the ocean is flat for the comfiest transfer.

When to go

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USD 532Per trip
USD 273Per trip
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USD 60Per dive

What to see

Koh Phi Phi offers some great and colourful reefs with both hard and soft coral. Keep a keen eye on the sand for resting leopard sharks. Clouds of glass fish hang around fissures and small openings often obscuring grouper and maybe some macro delights. Look carefully for mantis shrimp and seahorses. A myriad of reef fish glide passed scorpion fish and around lionfish. Triggerfish dart around, barracuda hang in the blue and octopus morph. Apart from the overall richness of Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, their draw is the chance to see manta rays and the possibility of a whale shark too. The best time of year to spot them is from February to April.


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