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Scuba diving in Java

The hugely popular Indonesian island of Java is a land of misty mountainsides and towering temples. Scuba diving here is a joy, where crystal clear water awaits adventurers.
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Diving in Java

Quick facts

The volcanic nature of the islands led to some incredible underwater formations, discoverable only by donning scuba diving gear and taking a dip in the crystalline waters. There are dozens of dive sites to explore, each with its own compilation of excellent diversity.

To the west is the mighty Krakatoa, a notoriously active volcano. The lava rocks are otherworldly, seemingly transporting you to a fantastical new dimension.

Just south is Ujung Kulon, a national park that boasts virgin beaches and pristine reefs. On these islands are the last white Javan rhinos. Underwater caverns can be discovered on the northwest point of the island.

Many scattered islands are ripe for scuba diving off the northern shore of Java, archipelagos of tiny isles. Karimunjawa is an especially nice archipelago, with lovely, protected corals and several shipwrecks.

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What to see

The biodiversity is sublime on Java, as it is all throughout Indonesia. Barracuda teem around darkened corners, and turtles and rays are easily approached in the shallows. Marine parks make ideal homes for endangered and rare species, making your chance of spotting some much better. Rare crocodile fish and leafy scorpionfish can be found on small islands off northern Java.


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