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Scuba diving in Ireland

Ireland is a land of fantastic landscapes, often cloaked in heavy fog. Beneath the water, everything becomes clear, giving scuba divers some unreal sites to explore.
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Diving in Ireland

Quick facts

Ireland is a welcome change for warm weather divers. There are rocky formations to see as well as shipwrecks galore. The S. S. Laurentic is a massive ship that is well worth a trip. A wreck with a tragic story, the cargo and passengers were cast into the sea when the ship was hit by a mine. Amongst the lost cargo were almost 50 gold bars, 22 of which have never been discovered.

Head to Cork in the south of Ireland for your best chance of seeing large pelagics like dolphins, whales, and seals.

Ireland has a mild climate thanks to the Atlantic winds that blow through, changing the weather moment by moment. Weather is best for diving during the summer and autumn when the water is warm and welcoming and the visibility is at its height.

When to go

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Where to dive

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What to see

During a dive you can see small fish like lings and sunfish, as well as larger creatures like whales and dolphins. Basking sharks are common here, feeding on plankton near the water’s surface.

During your time on land be sure to walk up and down the shoreline to see the busy tide pools.


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