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Scuba diving in Ha'apai

Volcanoes plume smoke as gin clear water laps quietly at the shorelines of Ha’apai, a collection of Tongan islands far out in the South Pacific. Divers, prepare to be blown away.
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Diving in Ha'apai

Quick facts

Fantastic sea fans five times your size wave rhythmically, clinging to the healthy coral reefs. Diving in Ha’apai is surreal, with awe inspiring sights around every coral head.

Tunnels, walls, and drop offs all await divers, as well as the stellar reefs. There are myriads of pretty reef fish congregating around colorful corals. You can even check out a pirate ship’s anchor!

The fantastic Arch dive showcases what is said to be the largest arch formation in the Pacific. This arch is huge, and dates as far back as the last ice age.

Swimming with Humpback whales is an incredible experience to have during your trip to Tonga. Diving with the whales is against Tongan law, but you are more than welcome to swim beside these majestic creatures. More than 2000 come through the area between July and October.

When to go

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What to see

Humpback Whales are certainly the biggest draw for visitors. Often, you can hear them vocalizing while you swim with them, a truly epic experience.

Lobsters and eels cozy up in crevices, and fusiliers and leopard sharks hang out in the channels. Ha’apai is also a great place to see nudibranchs of all different types. You may even run across a tiger shark or a ray. Sometimes, in the shallows turtles will even come out to play.


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