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Scuba diving in Guam

Untouched by mass tourism, the remote Micronesian island of Guam is the perfect destination for divers ready for adventure. Expect WWI and WWII wrecks, colorful corals and plentiful marine life.
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Diving in Guam

Quick facts

Diving in Guam is the ultimate adventure. With reefs and wrecks left untouched by mass tourism, Guam’s dive sites are a pristine playground. Here you will find something for every interest and every level of diver.

Guam is probably most famous for its wrecks. In fact, this is one of the only places in the world you can touch two wrecks at the same time. The German Cormoran from WWI and the Japanese Tokai Maru from WWII sank bow to stern and now lie at 100 feet (30 meters). Many other shipwrecks surround the island suiting both Open Water and Advanced divers. For beginners, the American Tanker in Apra Harbor sits at 50 feet (15 meters) and is now a flourishing artificial reef. Don’t miss your chance to take a photo with the American flag underwater.

While the shipwrecks may be of interest, Guam’s premier dive site is the Blue Hole. With crystal clear visibility, this dive starts at 60 feet (18 meters) and progresses to the cavern entrance at 115 feet (35 meters). The hole then drops to an unreachable 230 feet (70 meters). Look out for some large pelagic species including reef sharks and tuna on your dive into the depths.

The remainder of Guam’s dive sites are colorful reefs and walls which are accessible by both boat and shore dives. On some reef dives, the currents may be strong and dive masters will recommend the direction for a drift dive. 11-Mile Reef, Gab Gab, Cocos Island and Gun Beach are all popular dive sites for viewing some of Guam’s 1000 species of reef fish.

Guam’s climate is tropical, making diving possible year-round. September to December can be rainy while December to April is considered the windy season. However, water temperatures remain a constant 82-86°F (28°C). Guam is the perfect destination at any time of the year if you are looking for an unforgettable diving holiday filled with magnificent and uncrowded dive sites.

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What to see

Guam’s equatorial warm waters attract all types of wildlife. On the biggest side of things, you might see spinner dolphins and pilot whales. Green sea turtles are making their way back into the area now that their eggs are no longer being collected. One might also come across reef sharks or tuna during a dive in the Blue Hole. Rays, octopus, eels, giant trevally, lion fish, colorful crabs, shrimp and christmas tree worms are likely to be seen closer to shore. Guam is also home to over 1000 species of fish and 375 species of coral, so expect an ultra-colorful dive every time you enter the water.


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