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Scuba diving in Germany

Germany is flat out gorgeous, with rolling hills, deep dark forests, and busy city streets. What many people miss out on are the incredible dives that await just off shore.
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Diving in Germany

Quick facts

Germany offers divers a cornucopia of dives. You can sink deep in to crystal clear alpine lakes or take the plunge into the Baltic Sea. No matter what venue you choose, you’re bound to be astounded.

WWII buffs, you’ve found your calling. There is shipwreck after shipwreck to see in Germany. Some of the most astounding wrecks are the Helland and the Hanau, found in the Baltic. There’s no better spot to get your wreck diving certification than here.

Another huge draw are the many “sees” in Germany. With uncompromised visibility, the sights stretch as far as you can see. Several sites are flooded quarries and lakes. Some have unexpected wonders, like the Sundhäuser See. There is an entire city hidden beneath the waters, complete with a church and a graveyard. The only visitors here are divers and the fish that swim down the empty streets.

Bodensee, or Lake Constance, is an unreal Alpine lake that is not to be missed. It’s the third largest lake in Central Europe, and there is plenty of technical diving to be had in this incredible place.

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What to see

In the Baltic, you can see saltwater fish and creatures aplenty. In fresh water, you can come across a surprising variety of species. Char are bright and vibrant during breeding season, offering up enticing flashes of color. Pike, trout, perch, and turbots all flit around the underwater foliage.

You can even find freshwater eels squiggling along. Try looking in rocky areas, where they are prone to make their homes.


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