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Scuba diving in Galapagos

Mysterious and desired, the Galapagos Islands offer a unique array of dives, unlike anywhere else in the world. Swim with aquatic reptiles and penguins while exploring these rocky isles.
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Diving in Galapagos

Quick facts

Paired with the splendid array of marine life, the excellent visibility makes diving here exceptional. There are dives on many of the islands, though several islands stand out as particularly excellent places to take the plunge.

Darwin Island is by far the most popular. Here you will see most of the unique creatures you are craving, as well as some whimsical geologic formations. El Arco is renowned as one of the best dives in the world, so be sure to add it to your to do list.

On Isabela Island you can swim with sea lions and penguins in a stunning environment. Don’t miss Roca Redonda, where sharks teem around an underwater volcano.

Santa Cruz Island boasts an astounding flamingo lagoon and mangrove forest, as well as the Charles Darwin Research Station. Take a quick boat ride to make your way to the best dives that Santa Cruz has to offer. Academy Bay is a particularly notable dive, where calm waters make an ideal home for wildlife.

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What to see

The endemic wildlife here is spectacular, and are completely contained within this detached location. You can expect to see marine iguanas, fur seals, and penguins during a dive, as well as manta rays and tunas. Galapagos is one of the best places on the globe to scuba with Hammerhead sharks, who will visit the island in impressive droves.

From mangroves to lagoons to coral reefs, there are many habitats to explore, each featuring an abundance of fantastic marine life.


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