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Scuba diving in France

Storybook France has more to offer travelers that lovely cities and epic towers. Scuba divers rejoice, there’s plenty for you to see during your visit, too!
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Diving in France

Quick facts

Surrounded by three seas, there is no shortage of diving in France. The country is large, and the dives are diverse.

Northern France is where you go to wreck dive. There are hundreds of wrecks to see, especially along the beach where D-Day occurred. The region is easily accessible, and you can shore dive to several of the wrecks.

In the South of France head to the small islands offshore, or the lovely sites between Nice and Cannes. It is common to have visibility up to 30 meters in these clean, clear waters.

Divers will not want to miss Corsica, an island in France’s Mediterranean. There are fantastic corals clinging to canyon walls, overwhelmed by attractive fish. Shipwrecks can also be found here, and there is even a wrecked plane to check out.

When to go

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What to see

Unfortunately, a great deal of the marine life has been overfished in Northern France, though many species are slowly making a comeback. Larger creatures like whales and dolphins are common in this area, passing through to more fertile waters.

In the Mediterranean and the French Riviera there is tremendous diversity. You can see animals both large and small. Seals and tremendous grouper are often seen cruising through these seas.


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