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Scuba diving in Dominica

Sun soaked Dominica awaits scuba divers with incomparable blue waters and excellent dive sites. Relax on the warm, white sand beaches then hit the waves!
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Diving in Dominica

Quick facts

As one of the top ten diving destinations in the world, Dominica has so much to offer divers of any experience level. There are calm shallows to explore, where curious seahorses cling to coral branches. Deeper waters make a home for over 20 species of whales that frequent these seas.

The sharp, jagged peaks on land make their way into the water, offering scuba divers fantastic wall dives and unique crevices to explore. La Sorciere, also known as L’Abym, is one of the most popular wall dives, where divers can peruse easily, as there is little to no current.

Make your way along the volcanic ridge of Crater’s Edge, where barracuda stalk their prey and large schools of tuna and snapper make appearances.

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What to see

You’d certainly be missing out if you didn’t go out on a whale watching trip during your time on Dominica. Sperm whales are particularly common, especially from November to March. There are also an abundance of dolphins to be spotted leaping from the cobalt waters.

The reefs teem with many different marine species, from eels to sharks to shrimp. You can see colorful fish flitting amongst the coral heads, and striped sea snakes slithering effortlessly through the seas.

Four different species of turtles nest on the island of Dominica: leatherback, green, loggerhead, and hawksbill.


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