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Scuba diving in Cyprus

Sink your toes into the white sand on a relaxing diving holiday to Cyprus, where endless visibility and curious shipwrecks are waiting just off shore.
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Diving in Cyprus

Quick facts

Crystal clear azure waters await you in Cyprus, lapping against ancient white rock formations. Bordered by vineyards and prehistoric ruins, the Mediterranean beckons.

The best time to dive in Cyprus is from March to November, when you can find gorgeous clear blue water and calm seas. Winter storms can whip up the Mediterranean, but Cyprus still remains one of the best places in the region to dive throughout the year.

There are many memorable dives in Cyprus, but some of the favorites are Amphorae Caves, the Chapel, and the Zenobia. The Amphorae Caves are found off Paphos, where you can find ancient pottery, still intact. You can reach the Chapel from the shore, making it an excellent place for night diving. The Zenobia is the most famous wreck dive on Cyprus, and the trucks chained to the deck are not to be missed.

When to go

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Where to dive

  • Agia Napa
  • Famagusta

    The ancient city of Famagusta will draw you in with its fantastic cathedrals and the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, ideal for your next scuba diving adventure.

  • Kyrenia

    Crystal blue waters astound visitors to Kyrenia, the center of activity on Cyprus’s northern shoreline. You can expect to encounter mild weather and ancient castles during your trip to Kyrenia.

  • Larnaca
  • Limassol
  • Paphos

    Graced with a Mediterranean shoreline is lovely Paphos, a Cypriot city where you can take in rich history, mild weather, and incredibly diverse scuba diving.

  • Protaras
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What to see

This warm corner of the Mediterranean offers divers an exciting diversion from the usually cold temperatures and deep, dark waters. Plenty of fish, octopi, and eels can be found on the reefs, and further out you can encounter grouper and even dolphin. The astounding collection of sponges and soft and hard corals, paired with their ever present entourage of fish is idyllic in the shimmering blue light.


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