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Scuba diving in Cyclades

Draped in mythology and deep cultural significance, the impressive islands of the Cyclades offer dive sites that are quite unlike any others on the globe.
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Diving in Cyclades

Quick facts

With over a dozen major islands, the Cyclades has dive sites, galore. Up until fairly recently, diving was highly regulated, often making it nearly impossible to go on a recreational dive. Now, scuba diving has been opened up considerably, offering new opportunities to explore this relatively unexplored region.

Shipwrecks can be found throughout the region. One of the most popular is the Ios wreck. Swimming a couple of meters away from the hull you can find the bow section of the ship, where an anchor and chain are waiting patiently for your photographs.

On Kea Island, Ksyla Bay is a surprising spot with a veritable aquarium of fish to see. Also spend some time around Santorini, a newer volcanic island where you can dive in the clear caldera where it meets the sea.

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What to see

Fantastic creatures like starfish and octopi can be seen in the rocky reefs that are found right offshore of the Cyclades Islands. The many shipwrecks scattered throughout the Aegean make a home for creatures of many different types. Even larger fish are spotted, especially in deeper sites.

Frilly tube worms are often found on the sandy bottom, and the sea grasses flicker with tiny fish.


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