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Scuba diving in Cayo Largo del Sur

Pristine and abundantly inhabited by marine life, Cayo Largo del Sur’s shallow seas surround snow white beaches, making the ideal habitat for scuba divers who crave calm water and idyllic visibility.
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Diving in Cayo Largo del Sur

Quick facts

With an excellent barrier reef lying less than a mile offshore, Cayo Largo del Sur doesn’t fail to impress, making shore diving accessible. The reef is home to a vast conglomeration of creatures, from colorful parrotfish to sidling rays.

Off the reefs, you can explore caverns and grottoes, where weird creatures will greet you, hiding from the light. There is also a tremendous drop off, where you can swim alongside the wall, checking out the hundreds of varieties of corals and fishy beasts.

Wreck divers, don’t be dismayed, there are sunken ships here for you to check out, as well.

This is a great spot to pick up some certifications, whether you want to wreck dive or cavern dive. Many spots make the perfect place for beginners, as the water is warm and calm. Plus, there are several different dive shops to choose from, giving you plenty of options to pick and choose.

When to go

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What to see

Sea turtles congregate here to lay their eggs, bringing in droves of visitors. Watching the babies hatch and make their way to the sea is an unforgettable sight.

One of the most fantastic aspects of the island is the abundance of colorful starfish that secure themselves in the shallows. Visible from the shoreline, these starfish are surprisingly large, and many smaller tropical fish keep them company.


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