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Scuba diving in Carriacou

From protected reefs to unbelievable biodiversity, Carriacou is a Caribbean Shangri-La for scuba diving. Head to the island’s marine protected area for some of the best diving in the region.
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Diving in Carriacou

Quick facts

Found near Venezuela and on the border between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Grenada’s little sister, Carriacou, offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Amazing shipwrecks, colorful reefs and exciting drifts make this tiny island a diver’s wonderland.

Of the island’s 20 dive sites, 15 are located within the Sandy Island / Oyster Bay Marine Protected area (SIOBMPA). These dives can be reached within a 10 minute boat ride from Hillsborough. Favorites among them include Sharky’s Hideaway, famed for its plentiful nursing sharks; Sisters Rock, notable for its black coral; and Whirlpool, which surrounds visitors with a wall of volcanic bubbles.

In addition to these natural environments, there are two intentionally sunk wrecks. The twin tugs Boris and Westsider rest within recreational limits where they promote coral growth and provide habitat for colorful species. In addition, the wrecks are safe for penetration should you hold a Wreck Diver certificate.

Divers can expect warm tropical weather year round with waters that range from 79-82°F (26-28°C) and variable visibility depending on the site. While it can rain at any point throughout the year, dry season generally lasts from December to May. June to November brings greater risk of rain and hurricanes. Most dives start from a boat, but in a few areas, shore diving is possible. There is something in Carriacou for all levels of diver, from protected reef to deep walls. Everyone is sure to have a perfect experience in Carriacou at any time of year.

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What to see

A variety of hard and soft corals, sponges and fans cover most of the island’s dive sites. Surrounding the wrecks, it is common to see beautiful and bright orange cup coral.

In the deep and on many of the drift dives, you have a good chance of spotting stingrays, sea turtles, barracuda, eagle rays and nurse sharks. During reef dives, purple Creole wrasse populate the waters along with sea turtles, shoals of blue chromis, octopus, moray eels and lizardfish. In the shallows, you might find a frogfish or the elusive black seahorse lurking about.


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