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Scuba diving in Canary Islands

White sand beaches and turquoise waters await you on the Canary Islands, where you can find some of the warmest water to dive in during your trip to Europe.
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Diving in Canary Islands

Quick facts

There are plenty of dive shops on the islands, catering to divers of all experience levels. Pick up a certification or two during your trip. Wreck diving is especially nice, here.

Visit the Russian El Pajar Wreck, a ferry which sank in 2003. The wreck is found not far off the shore of Fuerteventura, a deserted island with vast expanses of wide open beaches.

Go to El Faro, a deep site where you can see arches, volcanic boulders, and sea turtles. In deep crevices you can see spectacular eels, some with neon yellow heads and fantastically patterned black and white bodies.

The Mar Las Calmas, aptly named, is a lovely spot to see endangered marine life. The entire area is a protected reserve, so wildlife is abundant.

When to go

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What to see

From octopi to timid rays, you will see an exceptional amount of marine life during your vacation on the Canary Islands. Some of the eels here are out of this world, boasting vibrant colors and patterns. Some of the most impressive marine life, however, is the best camouflaged, look closely at the rocks and reefs to spot some pretty spectacular creatures.

Sea turtles are also popular, here, so come to check them out as they feed on grasses or rest in the shallows.


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