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Scuba diving in Canada

From the West coast to the East coast, the colder waters of Canada lure divers into seas and lakes for unimaginable encounters.
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Diving in Canada

Quick facts

Canada has several provinces that offer diving opportunities to all in search of cold water treasures. British Columbia runs along the West coast with the best sites being off Vancouver Island and Nanaimo.These dive sites are characterized by walls, pinnacles, and reefs both natural and man-made.

Inland you will find fresh water diving in Ontario with over 4,000 well-preserved wrecks. A very popular dive on a fresh water wreck is Tobermory in the Fathom Five National Marine Park of Lake Huron.

The average fresh water temperature is 35°F (1°C) but due to the lack of currents, the fresh water offers 100-300 feet of visibility (30-90m) but make sure you have the right gear or your focus will be on avoiding hypothermia and not the wreck. A 7mm dry or semi-dry suit is recommended.

The Eastern shoreline is not be overlooked and Nova Scotia offers something straight out of a science fiction movie in sites that feature viewing some of world's strangest marine creatures.

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What to see

The cold water temperatures make for interesting life under the water, either in the coastal seas or in the inland lakes. Diving off the coast of British Columbia the water teems with invertebrate life, sea lions, juvenile rockfish and a host of anemones and urchins. The pinnacles and reefs are smothered by staghorn bryozoan which resembles that of a tropical reef in its palette of color alongside hydroids, scallops, and tubeworms.

On the opposite coast of Nova Scotia, there is a vast selection of whales. Killer, humpback, minke, right and pilot whales all make their home in these waters as does the giant bluefin tuna. You will also find the basking sunfish in these waters in search of the abundant jellyfish.

Inland, the freshwater lakes provide opportunities to see jellyfish, lake trout, and whitefish as you delve into the caves and wrecks in the numerous underwater reserves.


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