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Scuba diving in Cambodia

Some of the most unexpected diving in Southeast Asia can be found in Cambodia, with its stretch of coastline and small islands dotting out into the Gulf of Thailand.
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Diving in Cambodia

Quick facts

One of the most unusual and exciting dives to go on is Kon Kon. Found tucked in between the two larger islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. Here there are hundreds of different creatures teeming around healthy reefs. You can see stingrays and plenty of colorful micro fauna like nudibranchs and sea stars.

For a long and adventurous day trip, go to Koh Tang, a four hour journey from the mainland. These are some of the most highly renowned sites in Cambodia, where incredible visibility pairs with stunning underwater life. You can see massive barracuda and fantastically colored trigger fish. Nearby is stingray alley, which is a spot that is not to be missed.

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What to see

Incredible macro and micro marine life can be spotted during a dive in Cambodia. Because of extensive reef damage in the past, the country has decided to create artificial reefs to house the wildlife. On the reefs you can see seahorses other small creatures on the reef, as well as the large fish that throng to the shore. You may even see dolphins and whales.


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