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Scuba diving in Brazil

Diving in South America’s largest country, Brazil, features plentiful reefs and hauntingly impressive wrecks. With over 4500 miles of coastline, diving spots abound in this fascinating country.
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Diving in Brazil

Quick facts

From open Atlantic Ocean diving to protected bays, Brazil offers some of the best diving in South America. For now, five major diving areas exist, although more and more are being discovered every decade.

Fernando de Noronha Marine Park, a World Heritage Site, is Brazil’s premier diving destination. With 230 species of fish, 15 species of coral, and a known breeding ground for spinner dolphins, divers who can drag themselves away from Fernando de Noronha Marine Park always leave happy. Popular dive sites include Naufragio do Porto, Ilha do Meio, Ressureta and Pedras Secas.

Angra Dos Reis, near Rio de Janeiro, is known for its caves, wrecks and reefs. With its proximity to Rio, its warm water and its variety of marine life, the area is very popular on the weekends.

Also close to Rio de Janeiro, Arraial do Cabo features 40 dive sites with calm currents and excellent visibility, making this area great for true beginners. Wrecks and caves also offer challenges for more advanced divers. With slightly colder waters, the marine life in Arraial do Cabo is different from elsewhere in Brazil.

Although it requires a permit, the Arvoredo Island Biological Reserve in Santa Catarina hosts some of the best dive sites in South America. Amazingly, divers in the reserve occasionally log both seahorses and whales in the same dive.

The Abrolhos Archipelago is a group of islands located 45 miles off the mid-eastern coast of Brazil and consists of five volcanic islands. These islands are home to the greatest chains of coral reefs and rarest coral reef bank in the South Atlantic. According to scientific knowledge, there is no other place on Earth where you can see the type of coral reef pinnacle prevalent in the waters surrounding the Abrolhos.

Whether you choose offshore islands or the shores of Rio, you are sure to see some of the most unusual creatures and best dive sites South America has to offer when you come to Brazil.

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What to see

Because of its long and varied coastline, Brazil has a diversity of underwater life that is hard to see elsewhere. Coral reefs, kelp forests and deep wrecks create interesting habitats for a variety of animals.

Spinner dolphins, manta rays, lemon sharks, turtles, rays, octopus, moray eels, seahorses, queen angel fish, whale sharks, nudibranchs along with several other varieties of fish call these waters home. Lucky divers might even catch a glimpse of a humpback whale between July and December.

Wherever you choose to dive in Brazil, the country will fill your logs with wonderful creatures and diverse environments and interest your diving buddies back home.


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