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Scuba diving in Borneo

Beautiful Borneo is an island getaway hidden in the warm tropical waters of Southeast Asia. Dive with beautiful creatures in crystal clear seas during your trip to Borneo.
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Diving in Borneo

Quick facts

Crystal clear waters adorned with colorful wooden boats await you in Borneo. There are plenty of dive operators dotting the circumference of the island that can take you out to the variety of dive sites to be found offshore.

One of the most unique dives in Borneo can be found off Mabul Island in Malaysia. The sandy bottoms surrounding the island hosts color changing cuttlefish, octopi, and the endangered ghost pipefish are encountered here. Expect bright and colorful creatures wherever you go in the area.

Another great spot is the turtle sanctuary, just past the mangroves of Kuching to small Satang Island. The area is a dedicated turtle sanctuary, and is available for divers to explore.

When to go

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What to see

Turtles, massive reefs, bustling anemones and more await you in Borneo. The warm waters brings in troves of plankton, which in turn brings in macro marine life. You can see whale sharks, dolphins, and whales on a dive in these crystal clear waters. In the calm shallows you might come across yellow rays with vibrant blue spots as they glide across the sandy bottom.

Keep a keen eye on the coral reefs, where tiny creatures like nudibranchs and eels hide in crevices.


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