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Scuba diving in Bermuda

Bermuda awaits adventurers who enjoy sunny skies, crystal clear waters, and unforgettable scuba diving. From shipwrecks to bustling reefs, Bermuda has it all.
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Diving in Bermuda

Quick facts

One of the biggest draws for scuba divers in Bermuda are the abundance of shipwrecks that are found abandoned around the entire island. One of the most stunning wrecks is the Mary Celestia, a Confederate Army ship that sunk during the Civil War. The ship has been a popular site as of late due to the discovery of five intact bottles of wine from 1863.

If exploring the reef is more your style, go to South West Breaker, a veritable aquarium of underwater life. The water is crystal clear, and the variety of aquatic species is amazing. There is one large swim through that takes you to a seemingly different world, where large fish roam in the relative safety of the formations. Sometimes, massive barracudas will flock here in droves.

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What to see

Because of its location in the rich Sargasso Sea, Bermuda boasts a wide variety of marine life. The coral reef is healthy, as are the animals that live there. From porpoises and dolphins to eels and octopi, there are colorful and fascinating creatures in abundance.

If you come during the right time of the year, you might even get to swim with migrating Humpback Whales!


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